Our Values

CitySpaces’ values determine how we consult with clients, colleagues, and with each other. Our values, together with the Canadian Institute of Planners Code of Professional Practice, define what we stand for, and how we approach our work.

CitySpaces is committed to building lasting, livable communities. Our purpose is to turn the experience, skills and creativity of our interdisciplinary team into lasting value for our clients and the communities where we consult.

We believe in: Valuing diversity of opinion, experience, backgrounds and ages | being curious, collaborative, innovative, and creative | using sustainable practices to improve the quality of life for today, and future generations | creating enduring relationships with our clients and colleagues | customizing services for our clients, leading to outcomes that have long-lasting relevance | acting with integrity, upholding professional standards, and providing objective, independent advice | volunteering in local and global organizations that promote health and social well-being.