Consultation and engagement has its foundations in CitySpaces’ long-standing collaborative approach to planning — with stakeholders, boards, councils, and citizens. Colleagues at our offices in Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary, have specialized training in facilitation, negotiation, conflict resolution, graphic facilitation, design charrettes, photography and videography, and survey research. CitySpaces is widely recognized for developing and delivering persuasive and graphically rich presentations. Where appropriate, we aim to make every consultation fun and lively, while being framed with meeting our client’s intended outcomes.

Garden City Lands consultation 2

Garden City Lands open house for the City of Richmond – click the picture to watch our video!


An important step, sometimes overlooked by eager clients and advisory groups, is to develop a plan to consult – identifying objectives, stakeholders, timeline, materials, logistics and budget. We have undertaken numerous consultation plans that have helped the entire project team to stay on track and on budget.


Our clients look to CitySpaces for high quality, imaginative, timely graphic design. We regularly develop brand identity, carrying the look, fonts and colours through various iterations, including reports, newsletters, brochures, web sites, presentation boards and advertising. Our graphics’ team uses a full-suite of desktop publishing, image enhancement software, as well as mapping and 3-D modeling programs.


This method of engagement has become increasingly popular and outcome-oriented, particularly when involving participants who have a background or special interest in design. While many charrettes focus on a specific site, CitySpaces’ projects cover a broader spatial scale – neighbourhood, public realm, pedestrian connections, among others. Our specialists enjoy working in communities of all sizes and locations. They view the charrette process as a tool that works as successfully in a rural context as an urban setting.


CitySpaces’ social planner has a long-standing reputation for being able to work with adversarial clients and stakeholders, and with difficult issues to achieve a clear resolution, or as a framework for carrying on further discussions. Others in CitySpaces have developed these skills and are using the techniques and approaches to reducing or resolving conflicts.


One of the mainstays of community planning, is preparing for, and delivering, events – open houses, ideas fairs, visioning workshops and focus groups. Although much of this is undertaken “behind the scenes”, the more effort that goes into anticipating needs and taking care of the details, the more likely the event will run smoothly. CitySpaces regularly undertakes advertising, logistics, materials preparation, hosting, and summarizing the inputs and outcomes from these events.

We invite you to check out a sampling of projects involving our consultation and engagement expertise here.

Osoyoos-Waterfront-Gyro-Park-Plan-with-CharretteOsoyoos, British Columbia, Waterfront Gyro Park Plan with Charrette